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Nebraska announces new driving laws for three-wheeled vehicles

Nebraska announces new driving laws for three-wheeled vehicles

Nebraska Joins “Autocycle” Movement - Becomes the 44th State in the U.S. to Allow Residents to Operate a Polaris Slingshot® with a Standard Driver’s License

MINEAPOLIS (April 16, 2018) – The emerging three-wheeled vehicle category continues to gain traction with 44 states reclassifying driving requirements for three-wheeled vehicles. Often categorized as an “autocycle,” three-wheeled vehicles, such as the Polaris Slingshot®, can now be legally operated in Nebraska with a standard state driver’s license. Previous laws required a motorcycle endorsement.

Despite its federal motorcycle classification, Slingshot features a steering wheel, standard five-speed manual transmission and side-by-side bucket seats versus motorcycle handlebars or straddled seating. With this configuration, state policy makers recognize the need to update their licensing laws for innovative new vehicles like Slingshot. 

“Our autocycle bill is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.” said Nebraska Senator Jim Smith, who sponsored the legislation. “Broadening this definition makes it easier for Nebraskans to buy and ride these exciting, innovative vehicles and makes it easier for the small businesses who sell them to expand and create jobs."

With the reclassification of Nebraska, three-wheeled vehicles are one step closer to achieving uniformity across the nation where the laws do not require the need of a motorcycle endorsement.

“As the category continues to grow, more and more states are aligning with the autocycle classification which only requires a driver’s license. The reclassification not only helps local businesses, but also opens up this exciting new platform to more people and provides the opportunity to have fun on three wheels,” said Josh Fulkerson, Slingshot Sr. Director.

Available for test drives at Polaris dealerships throughout the country, Slingshot is powered by a 2.4L GM engine that creates 173 horsepower and 166 ft-lbs of torque. Select 2018 models feature the seven-inch touchscreen RideCommand infotainment system with turn-by-turn navigation. The 2018 Slingshot lineup includes three models, the S, SL and SLR, and two limited-edition offerings, the Grand Touring LE and SLR LE. Pricing ranges from an entry-level $19,999 (S) to $30,999 (SLR LE). To find a local dealer to test drive a Slingshot, visit

Owners can personalize and customize their Slingshot with a variety of Slingshot Engineered Accessories, including the revolutionary Slingshade, a color-match top offering superb rider comfort and sun protection, as well as styling enhancements, tech and audio components, storage options, wind deflectors, riding gear, helmets, driving jackets and street wear. Most of the vehicle accessories are offered in a variety of factory color-matched options.

Follow Slingshot on social media:, @Slingshot on Twitter and @PolarisSlingshot on Instagram. For information on Polaris Adventures and Slingshot rental locations, visit

Slingshot® is a three-wheeled motorcycle. It is not an automobile and does not meet automotive safety standards. Drivers should always wear helmets and seat belts.