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Factory Tours
Want to see what it takes to build our products?
VIDEO: Battery Maintenance
Learn how to get the most out of your battery
VIN and Information Label Locations
Where to find your Vehicle Information Number
Drive Belt Maintenance
How to check on the condition and clean your belt
Fuse Replacement
Where to find the fuse box on your Slingshot®
Finding Paint for Your Slingshot®
How to match and order the correct color
Pre-Ride Inspection
What to check before operating your Slingshot®
Slingshot® Versus Other On-Road Vehicles
What makes the SLINGSHOT different
Adjusting Performance Shocks
Spring pre-load and suspension can be customized
License Requirements By State
Slingshot® classification varies by state
Warranty Coverage While Traveling
Repairs can be performed at authorized Dealers
Polaris® Protection Plan Cancellation
Protection Plans can be cancelled at any time