Slingshot® S Features

Fun comes in many forms. But none more pure.

Slingshot S Features
*U.S. models shown. Features vary by country.
Tear up the road, and let the elements in
  1. Adjustable Waterproof Cockpit
  2. Cut & Sew Bucket Seats
  3. 17" Front Cast-Aluminum Wheels
  4. 5-Speed Manual Transmission
Equipped for joy
  1. 173 Horsepower
  2. ABS Disc Brakes
  3. 18" Rear Cast-Aluminum Wheel
  4. Electronic Stability Control
Slingshot S features - rear view
*U.S. models shown. Features vary by country.

The Polaris® Slingshot® Accessories website designates the accessories designed to fit a vehicle model/year. As a dealer, follow the website instructions to determine which accessories you can install on a specific vehicle. When adding accessories, equipment, passengers and luggage to a vehicle, do not exceed total weight capacity of the vehicle or of the front or rear axle (GVWR or GAWR as indicated on the Safety Compliance Certification Label). It is the dealer’s responsibility to use the Polaris® Slingshot® Accessories website as a tool for limiting the amount of accessories, based on maximum allowable vehicle weight requirements. For a complete listing of the accessories that are available for your vehicle, please contact your authorized dealer or visit the online store web site. It may be a violation of the Clean Air Act or the NHTSA regulations to disregard these requirements.