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2021+ Slingshot with AutoDrive Orientation

This video is meant to familiarize the rider with the locations of information and components on a model year 2021 or newer Slingshot with AutoDrive. 

The video includes looks at the: 

  • 0:20 Hood latch underneath the center LED light in the lower grill: Pull upward to unlatch the hood; Pull back on the underside of the hood above the center LED lamp to open the hood.
  • 0:35 Front of the engine bay (headlight adjustment screws, air filter)
  • 0:43 Driver’s side of the engine bay (brake fluid reservoir, fuse panel, maintenance sticker)
  • 0:53 Passenger’s side of the engine bay (coolant overflow bottle, ignition coils, spark plugs, engine oil dipstick, engine oil fill cap, fuse box, battery) 
  • 1:20 Adjustable seats: A lever on the bottom of each seat allows forward and backward movement and a lever on the side to allow the back to tilt.
  • 1:34 Storage compartments: Tilt each seat forward to access the storage compartments. The compartments can be locked using the key that comes with the vehicle.
  • 1:46 Driver's seat (digital gauge, mode button, navigation buttons, tilting steering wheel, turn signal lever, paddle shifters)
  • 2:12 Steering wheel (horn, control buttons)
  • 2:20 Left-hand audio controls (two volume buttons, two track navigation buttons, play/pause buttons)
  • 2:31 Right-hand controls (resume or increase cruise control speed, set or reduce cruise control speed, enable cruise control, switch RIDE COMMAND menu screens, enable Slingshot Mode)
  • 2:50 Center dash (RIDE COMMAND screen, engine start/stop button, electronic stability switch (if equipped), hazard switch, interior light switch (if equipped), headlight high/low beam switch, center storage tray, USB port)
  • 3:18 Below-dash components (gear selector with reverse, neutral, drive and manual modes, cupholders, storage compartment under the arm rest, parking brake)
  • 3:37 Between-seat components (accessory power socket, battery charge port)
  • 3:47 Passenger-side features (glovebox with accessory power socket and a USB port, footwell with a tab to open and close the air vent, passenger grab handle)
  • 4:11 Back of the vehicle (drive belt, shock, backup camera, rear lights)
  • 4:29 Fuel cap location
  • 4:35 Front headlights
  • 4:41 Hill Hold Control (the hill hold control function detects uphill and downhill start situations, automatically holding the vehicle for roughly two seconds after releasing the brake pedal, allowing the driver to simply press the throttle pedal and go)
  • 5:01 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) label location

For more information, see your authorized Slingshot Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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