Polaris Slingshot

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*U.S. model shown. Features vary by country.

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*U.S. model shown. Features vary by country.
Slingshot - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Polaris Slingshot is Street Legal

Street Legal

Slingshot meets all legal requirements and is equipped for use on all public roads.
Polaris Slingshot helmet laws

Helmet laws

<p>Helmet laws vary from province to province and are dependent on Slingshot classification. Slingshot recommends always wearing a DOT approved full face helmet.</p>
Polaris Slingshot License requirements

License Requirements

<p>The classification of Slingshot is province-dependent. The most common classifications are motorcycle, which requires a motorcycle endorsement or license, and autocycle, which only requires a province drivers license.</p>
Polaris Slingshot power to weight ratio

Power-to-Weight Ratio

Slingshot's lightweight design and 173 HP provide an impressive power-to-weight ratio.

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