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Slingshot’s® Best of the Builders: East vs West

We challenged two of the best builders in the country. Partnered them with two celebrities. And asked them to customize, personalize, and build the sickest 2020 Slingshot SL in the United States. Welcome to Slingshot Best of the Builders: East vs. West.


The builders will compete to see who can design and create a 2020 SL that truly signifies their celebrity partner. We want them to put their mark on that indescribable feeling the Slingshot brings, the Slingshot Effect. Representing the East Coast is The Auto Firm, featuring Alex Vega. Alex and crew have partnered with Pop Superstar, Teyana Taylor. From the West Coast, is DUB - DUB is designing its Slingshot for Travis Barker.

Follow Along

  • August 4 – August 28: Following along via Slingshot’s social channels for behind the scenes footage of the builds.
  • November 3: Both customs are unveiled at SEMA 2020.
  • November 4 – 20: Fan vote opens up at to crown Slingshot’s Best of the Builders.


Stay connected to our social channels to follow the journey, vote on which Slingshot Accessories should be used, and ultimately select your favorite custom that’s most deserving of the Slingshot’s Best of the Builders title!

DUB Publishing image

WEST: DUB® Publishing

DUB® Publishing is a leading, authoritative voice in the urban automotive lifestyle scene. Its eponymous magazine was the first in the industry dedicated to covering celebrity-driven vehicles and giving a first-hand look at the expansion of a multi-billion dollar industry that revolves around the vast world of car customization. They are widely recognized as pioneers in the celebrity car culture space as well as what is known as the DUB market.

As the founders of the influential urban automotive lifestyle publication, DUB Magazine (January 2000), as well as the highly-rated television show, The DUB Magazine Project, which featured custom work on celebrity automobiles performed in the DUB Garage, the brand has had the opportunity to custom design and build hundreds of vehicles for top celebrities, including David Beckham, Tyga, Snoop Dogg, Tony Hawk and many others. They are also the creators of the DUB Show Tour, which combines performances by today's top artists with one of the most exciting car shows in the world. With over four million active fans, the brand is also well known as a social media powerhouse.

Alex Vega owner of The Auto Firm

EAST: Alex Vega, Owner - The Auto Firm

For creative designer, Alex Vega, customizing cars is his way of inspiring others to dream big. Alex, the owner of The Auto Firm, is known to be “the main designer for the entertainment industry.” Since 2004, his clients include elite athletes and world-renowned celebrities who go to him for all their automotive needs. He has an extensive history in building and modifying Slingshots. Through trials and tribulations, Alex has maintained long-standing clients, while continuing growth and expansion. Today, The Auto Firm is one of the largest custom shops in the automotive industry and caters to anyone looking to personalize their ride.


Scott's Custom Slingshot

Meet Scott from Altoona, WI. He joined us at the 2019 SEMA Show displaying his custom 2015 Slingshot that underwent a complete engine swap.

Ronn & Cynthia's Custom

Meet Ronn and Cynthia, Slingshot owners from Las Vegas, NV. They not only love customizing their Slingshot named "Alter Ego" but being involved in a community of Slingshot owners that focuses on giving back.


Slingshot showcased 4 custom owner vehicles at the epicenter of custom culture, the 2019 SEMA show. Check out the incredible lineup!

Vance's Custom

Meet Vance, Las Vegas local. Vance displayed his custom Slingshot at the 2019 SEMA Show and shared with us that his favorite thing about his Slingshot is how much joy it brings to others around him.

Dennis's Custom

Meet Dennis, resident of Las Vegas. Dennis, his dog Yankee, and his Slingshot are globetrotters who took some time out of their adventures to display Dennis's custom Slingshot at the 2019 SEMA Show.

Miami Police Department Slingshot

Slingshot teamed up with Alex Vega of The Auto Firm to take on the project of making a completely custom Miami Police Slingshot. Outfitted with custom Avorza wheels and Whelen Engineering lights and siren, The Miami Police Department uses the Slingshot for community outreach and engagement. It serves as a way to break down barriers and engage local citizens.

Cadeau publicitaire Slingshot personnalisé - Rockstar / Destiny 2: Forsaken

Slingshot® a fait équipe avec Rockstar® Energy et le tout nouveau jeu vidéo Destiny® 2: Forsaken. Ce Slingshot® personnalisé sur le thème de Forsaken a été remporté par un heureux gagnant.

Slingshot personnalisé - Création personnalisée pour l'auteur-compositeur-interprète, Luis Fonsi

Slingshot® a fait équipe avec Alex Vega, propriétaire de The Auto Firm, pour créer un Slingshot unique en son genre pour l’artiste pop, Luis Fonsi. Découvrez le processus de création personnalisée du début à la fin et voyez le résultat!

Slingshot Customs - The Auto Firm On Velocity
Connu pour ses incroyables personnalisations, Alex Vega a fait équipe avec Teyana Taylor afin de créer un Slingshot® personnalisé. Découvrez comment il a fait cette conception unique!
Slingshot Customs - The Ray Of Hope Charity Golf Tournament
Slingshot® et Alex Vega de The Auto Firm ont fait équipe avec la fondation Ray of Hope pour ramasser de l’argent pour les jeunes du sud de la Floride. Alex Vega a conçu un Slingshot® personnalisé qui a été vendu aux enchères lors de l’événement. De plus, Slingshot® a versé 7 000 $ à la fondation. Découvrez toute l’action!
Slingshot Customs - West Coast Customs
Découvrez le Slingshot® personnalisé épique que les gars de West Coast Customs ont créé pour Shaquille O'Neal! #SlingShaq
Slingshot Customs - Cain Velasquez
Le modèle personnalisé de Cain Velasquez va être aussi féroce que lui. Restez branché pour voir plus de ce modèle génial!

L’attention des propriétaires Slingshot® les plus importants

Propriétaire de Slingshot Teyana Taylor
« Je peux réellement le conduire partout où je veux aller, il suffit de partir. Je vais probablement le conduire plus que mes voitures. »

-Teyana Taylor à propos de son Slingshot® personnalisé par Alex Vega.
Shaquille O’Neal, propriétaire d’un Slingshot
« Je suis plus que satisfait, je suis impatient de le conduire sur les autoroutes. Je vais être le premier en Floride avec un Slingshot® personnalisé par West Coast. »

- Shaquille O' Neal à propos de la personnalisation de son West Coast Slingshot®.

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