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Ripper Series Wind Deflector - Low Tinted

Numéro d’article 2881749
249,99 $ CAD
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Description du produit

You need wind protection, but don’t want a full windshield that takes away from the wind-in-your-face experience of driving a Slingshot™. The subtle, low design of this Ripper Series Wind Deflector allows you to cruise in more comfort by deflecting wind up and over the cockpit, yet still gives you that open road feel. Smoked tint and angular design meld seamlessly with the sleek lines of the Slingshot™

Ce qui est inclus

  • Includes wind deflector, necessary hardware, and installation instructions.


Couleur Tinted
Matériau Hard-coated, Polycarbonate
Caractéristiques de confort Installs in preexisting holes. New angled rake only streamlines the already hard lines of the vehicle.
Facilité d’installation Easy
Dimensions du produit Height: 3.5" from Dash
Soin et nettoyage Please see your Slingshot® manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.
Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase