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Slingshot® RIDE COMMAND®

Numéro d’article 2883027
3 399,99 $ CAD
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Description du produit

Slingshot® RIDE COMMAND® puts a wealth of information you can use at your fingertips. It’s easy to see and read the bright display screen that mounts in your dash, and it’s within easy reach for you to control. With access to Advanced Vehicle Data, you can keep your eyes on the road – and on everything else related to your Slingshot®. When you add the Navigation Upgrade (sold separately), you’ll only get lost when you choose to. And with the largest touchscreen on three wheels, you can go ahead and keep your gloves on to manage and switch among RIDE COMMAND® functions.

  • To add sound to your RIDE COMMAND® system, purchase the Premium Audio Kit (sold separately).
  • Advanced Vehicle Data: Monitor individual tire pressure, fuel range, miles to your next oil change, current altitude, average fuel economy, heading, Bluetooth® status, and much more. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc.
  • Navigation Ready: Add the Navigation Upgrade (sold separately) for maps, ride planning, directions, locating services like food and fuel, and much more.
  • Touchscreen: The large, easy-to-read, high-resolution 7” touchscreen is within easy reach
  • Glove-Touch Technology: You can manage the display with gloves on or off.


Facilité d’installation Dealer Only
Recommandé avec Audio Kit (sold separately); Navigation Upgrade (sold separately)
Soin et nettoyage Please see your Slingshot® manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.
Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase

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