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Finding Paint for Your Slingshot

To order paint that matches your Slingshot, you must bring the paint code to your Slingshot Dealer. Paint must be ordered at a dealer.

To find the paint code, go to the online parts catalog.

For example, let’s find paint that matches the black on the hood of this 2018 Slingshot SL.

Slingshot S L

Select “Slingshot,” “2018” and “SL” from the drop-down menus on the parts catalog page.

Select “BODY, HOOD and FENDER ASM.” under the assembly menu.

Assembly menu

The diagram for that assembly shows that you’re looking for part 7.

Assembly menu

Scroll down to the parts listings and No. 7 is the main panel of the hood. Note that there are multiple listings for No. 7 because not all Slingshot SL models have the same color scheme. We want part number 5452985-666. “666” is the paint code. Take that paint code to your local Slingshot Dealer. Your dealer can tell you 666 is the paint code for Black Pearl and help you order the proper paint.

Part listing

Paint codes will be three or four digits. If you’re looking for only one of the two colors in a two-tone paint scheme, your dealer can find the correct paint when provided with the four-digit code and your VIN.

You will have the option of choosing aerosol can, quart paint or a touch-up bottle. Your dealer can help you choose the right option for the type of painting you’re planning on doing.

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