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Pairing a Phone or Bluetooth® Device to 2020+ Slingshot RIDE COMMAND

To pair a phone or device via Bluetooth® to your model year 2020 or newer Slingshot, follow the instructions below. 

When no phone is connected, the Phone app tabs are disabled, and a list of paired phones is displayed with the option to add a new device. 

Note: You must also pair a headset to your Slingshot to accept phone calls while driving. 

Pairing a Phone or Bluetooth® Device to Slingshot
To pair an Android® phone, iOS® phone or supported headset, tap on ADD DEVICES on the display. This will open the Bluetooth® pairing screen, at which point the devices can be paired to the vehicle's display powered by RIDE COMMAND. Note that devices not listed cannot be paired.

1. Navigate to SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH > ADD DEVICE on your vehicle's display. 

2. Make sure the Bluetooth® device is powered on and set to pairing mode.

3. Devices in pairing mode will appear in a list on the display, and the vehicle/display will appear in the available devices on the phone you are pairing. Note that headset pairing must be initiated from the display powered by RIDE COMMAND. 

4. Pair the phone to the vehicle by tapping the phone/headset from the display or tap on the bike name on the phone. The display is called out as the vehicle model (for example: Slingshot SL).

5. A pairing code will be sent to the phone you are initiating pairing with. Confirm the code matches the code on the screen for accurate pairing. Note that if you accidentally tap CANCEL on the pairing code, prompting another pairing code by tapping on the display or device might take some time. 

6. Once the device has been paired to the display, it will appear in the list of the paired devices and the icon(s) will display on the bar at the top of the screen along with the signal strength of the connected phone. 

If rider is not able to pair the Bluetooth® device, restart the vehicle and display and try again. To restart the display, hold down the power button for 5 seconds to turn off the display. If pairing still fails, disconnect the device from Bluetooth® and try again. 

Note: You can pair multiple devices to your Slingshot at one time, but only one phone and one headset can be connected and in use at a time. The connected headset and the phone reconnect themselves after the power cycle when the devices are charged and close enough to the vehicle. For safety, Bluetooth® pairing is disabled when the vehicle is moving. To answer calls and use your phone hands-free while driving your Slingshot, you must have a headset paired to your vehicle in addition to your mobile device. 

Read Pairing Your SENA® Headset for more information. 

Disconnecting a Device 
You can disconnect or forget a Bluetooth® device from the SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH DEVICES menu. 

Forgetting or disconnecting a device can be used to troubleshoot pairing issues. 

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To find a Slingshot dealership near use, use the Dealer Locator.
For more information on RIDE COMMAND, visit the Slingshot RIDE COMMAND website.

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