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Slingshot Order Tracking Portal

The first-of-its-kind order tracking portal provides you with the ability to find the latest status updates for your Slingshot vehicle order. The tracking portal is tied to the email address associated with your order. You do not need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Make sure your dealer has your accurate email address if you are experiencing issues.

To track your vehicle order, follow these instructions. Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to show up in the tracking portal. 

Note: The order details on the portal may show a different color than what you ordered. Refer to your order confirmation email for accurate color information. 

1. Log in or create your Polaris Account. This can be accessed in the top-right corner of any Polaris brand website. For more information on creating an account, read Slingshot Account ExperienceIf you are experiencing issues entering postal codes or zip codes, verify you are on the correct website for your country of residence. U.S. websites have "en-us" in the URL, while Canadian websites have "en-ca." 

log in

*The “Check Order Status” link available via the drop-down prior to login is for e-commerce parts, garments and accessory order tracking. You must first create an account and log in to view vehicle order status.

2. Once logged in, there are two ways to view your order information. 

Option 1: On the homepage, find the Recent Vehicle Order module. Note that if you have multiple orders, the most recent one will display. 

Recent Vehicle Order

Option 2: Navigate to the Orders tab and select the vehicle you’d like to track. 

order tab

3. The Order Details page for that vehicle will include the status of your vehicle order, your dealer’s information and answers to frequently asked questions. 

order status

 Status Definitions

  • Confirmed: Your order has been received. 
  • Scheduled: Your vehicle is scheduled to be built. 
  • Built: Your vehicle is completely built, going through inspection and being prepared for transportation.
  • In Transit: Please allow 7+ days for transit and dealer setup. Transit times and dealer setup vary by vehicle. Your dealer will contact you when the vehicle is ready. 
  • Complete: Congratulations on your new Slingshot! We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your new ride.

Note: Some vehicles going through final preparation and inspection are deemed to not be at our high quality standards. Because of this, it is possible your schedule will adjust and be fulfilled by the next available machine. 

For additional information on availability and timing, read Slingshot Availability

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