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Gamme Slingshot 2021

La transmission BVA AutoDrive qui change la donne du Polaris Slingshot est de retour et meilleure que jamais en 2021

Slingshot Raises the Bar with Upgrades Focused on The Drive, The Style & The Sound; New Enhancements Reinforce Slingshot’s Show-Stopping Style & Open-Air Experience


  • The Drive: New Paddle Shifters Allow the Driver to Take Charge of Every Shift; A Refined, Retuned AutoDrive Transmission for a Smooth Ride at Any Speed; Introduction of Vehicle Hill Hold Delivers Even More Driving Confidence
  • The Style: 2021 Lineup Reintroduces the S Trim and adds a New R Limited Edition; Expanded Color Accent Options & Customizable LED Interior Lighting Increase Personalization Potential
  • The Sound: All-New Rockford Fosgate® Audio System Brings the Heart-Pounding Concert Experience into the cockpit at Any Speed; Updated 2021 RideCommand featuring Apple CarPlay® Delivers Easier, More Personalized Control for Intuitive Access to Mobile Information and Music

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (December 8, 2020)
– On the heels of its most significant product launch, Polaris Slingshot today announced extensive upgrades and enhancements to its 2021 model lineup focused on The Drive, The Style and The Sound. The 2021 Slingshot will elevate everyday commutes, weekend getaways, and adventures to a showstopping new level.

While the 2020 Slingshot featured 70% new vehicle content, the brand’s new AutoDrive transmission proved to be a true game changer. Slingshot nearly doubled its business during peak seasonality from May through September and saw 80% of its dealers grow or remain flat in year-over-year sales comparisons. In addition, of those who purchased, over 80% were new customers to Polaris.

“In January, we promised our new 2020 Slingshot would be a game changer for consumers and dealers,” said Chris Sergeant, Polaris Slingshot Vice President. “Based on the tremendous success we have seen this year, there is no question we delivered on that promise. We elevated the experience in every meaningful way and created a more accessible offering for people to enjoy the next-level driving experience only a Slingshot can deliver.”

Focusing on the drive, style, and sound, Slingshot’s 2021 lineup is headlined by an upgraded AutoDrive transmission, now with paddle shifters, a new Rockford Fosgate® audio system, Apple CarPlay® integration, new trim levels, and Slingshot’s largest offering of accessory upgrades ever offered.

“Listening to our owners, we left no stone unturned to fully refine, update and enhance our product lineup for 2021. New features like Apple CarPlay® and paddle shifters for AutoDrive were among the top requests,” said Sergeant. “We also took cues from our owners to expand our accessories for 2021, and now have our largest offering ever – providing owners with countless ways to accessorize and personalize their Slingshot with parts that will take their ride to a whole new level.”



With no doors, no roof and a ground clearance of merely five inches, there’s nothing that drives quite like a Slingshot. The introduction of the AutoDrive transmission opened the door for more people to get in, stand out, and elevate their everyday driving experience. Now, for 2021, Slingshot has refined a one-of-a-kind driving experience to ensure the daily commute, a trip to the grocery store, or weekend getaway will deliver an unmatched adventure and an attention-grabbing experience.

A complete retune of the AutoDrive transmission noticeably improves shifting at low and high speeds in both drive modes. The new 2021 transmission calibration provides smoother, faster, and more consistent shifts, allowing drivers to feel even more confident and connected to the drive every time they get behind the wheel. The 2021 AutoDrive calibration is available and compatible for 2020 Slingshot models with AutoDrive.

Paddle Shifters

Nothing connects the driver with the vehicle more than the ability to shift gears. With Slingshot’s all-new paddle shifters, drivers with an AutoDrive transmission can take control of their drive and shift gears on demand. Designed from high quality composite material to deliver great feedback while driving, the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters come standard on 2021 R models with AutoDrive and are available as an upgrade for all 2020 and 2021 models with AutoDrive.

Hill Hold
An upgraded feature standard for all AutoDrive and manual 2021 models, vehicle hill hold dramatically improves slow speed drivability and increases driver confidence on any hill. 2020 Slingshot owners can update their ride and fully take advantage of the new vehicle hill hold feature.

Designed to take the unique driving experience to an entirely new level, Slingshot has assembled two driving-inspired accessory collections: The Excursion Series and The Drive Series.

Excursion Series: Upgrading comfort and adding storage, the Slingshot Excursion Series has been designed for the adventurous spirit looking to explore. The series includes a new storage bag collection, tall wind deflector, Slingshade, and heated and cooled seats.

Drive Series: Curated to maximize the most of every drive, the Drive Series includes new paddle shifters, heated and cooled seats, and a new dead pedal to give AutoDrive drivers a convenient place to rest their left foot. Additionally, S and SL drivers can add nearly 15% more power to their ride with the stage 1 tune.



Head-turner. Show-stopper. There’s nothing on the road like the Polaris Slingshot. For many owners, the vehicle is a platform for self-expression through customization, and it’s all about standing out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind styling. In 2021, Slingshot introduces new trim levels, expanded color accents, and all-new customizable interior lighting system.

New Trim Levels

New for 2021, Slingshot is introducing the R Limited Edition. At the top of the line, the R Limited Edition will stand out from the crowd with its limited-edition, asymmetrical designed Neon Fade paint, blacked-out badging, and lightweight aluminum matte black wheels. Available in a manual or AutoDrive transmission, the R Limited Edition includes paddle shifters with AutoDrive, new Rockford Fosgate® audio system with redesigned speaker pods and Rockford tweeters in the dash, Ride Command with Apple CarPlay® and turn-by-turn navigation, and vehicle hill hold.

Slingshot’s S model, available with two package options, has been designed for drivers seeking the essentials, but with an eye towards customization. The standard S, starting at $19,999, is available in manual or AutoDrive and offers the perfect canvas for drivers looking to create a ride that truly represents their personality and style. Drivers looking to beef up their S can add Technology Package 1, which includes the new 100-watt Rockford Fosgate® audio system with a 2.7-inch display, redesigned speaker pods and Rockford Fosgate® tweeters in the dash. Technology Package 1 also upgrades the S models with the vehicle security package and a standard ripper series clear wind deflector to improve driver and passenger comfort.

With its largest portfolio of accessories ever, Slingshot owners have countless options to mix and match to create a style and design that’s uniquely their own.

Color Accents
: Adding seven new color accents, Slingshot owners now have even more options to add a pop of color to the exterior of their Slingshot. The new colors are available to accent the front grille, front upper and lower fender, roll hoop, belt guards, exterior muscles stripes, rear fender, and rear fender decal.

Interior Lighting
: Inside the cockpit, Slingshot is excited to introduce an all-new customizable premium interior light kit. In partnership with XKGlow®, owners can outfit the interior of their Slingshot with six LED lights and an LED light pod in various locations. With the mobile Slingshot LED app, owners can simultaneously set two different light zones to any color including color matching from your phone's camera and pair the lights with their music to choreograph the lights while the music plays.

Design Series
: Assembled as an inspirational collection, the Slingshot Design Series is an assortment of colorful parts to match anyone’s personality and stand out from the crowd. The collection includes a color matched Slingshade, a painted front grille, upper and lower accent pieces, front wing guards, rear fender with decal, belt guard, lower hoop accent, interior and exterior accent kits, and Slingshot’s black badge kit.



With an open-air cockpit, owners can be the center of attention and take the party wherever they go. The Slingshot’s bold styling is hard to miss, but with an upgraded audio system and an optional stage 3 roll hoop audio kit, drivers are sure to be heard just as easily as they are seen.

Rockford Fosgate
® Audio System
Slingshot drivers are immersed within their environment and need a quality sound system to rise above. Introducing the new Rockford Fosgate® audio system. With 100 watts, redesigned speaker pods, Rockford Fosgate® tweeters built in the dash, and expandable plug and play Rockford Fosgate® Amplifier, drivers will have no problem hearing crystal-clear sound at any speed, in any driving condition. In addition, the new Rockford Fosgate® audio system makes it easy to double the output by adding rear speakers via a convenient plug and play kit.

Apple CarPlay
An industry-first for side-by-side three-wheel vehicles, Apple CarPlay® will come standard on R and R Limited Edition trims and available as an upgrade on SL. Apple CarPlay® seamlessly integrates iPhone® devices with the Slingshot’s built-in Ride Command infotainment system. Drivers and passengers can make phone calls (with a Bluetooth® headset), access music, send and receive messages, get directions, and more while staying focused on the road. Additionally, 2020 Slingshot owners can update their Ride Command with Apple CarPlay®.

Inspired by the sound, lights and energy of a concert, Slingshot curated an accessories package to bring it all to life – the Slingshot Concert Series.

Concert Series
: There’s nothing like live music. The energy, the excitement – all of which describe the Slingshot experience. The Slingshot Concert Series delivers everything drivers and passengers want and love from a live show directly to the cockpit. An all-new plug and play Stage 3 roll hoop audio kit by Rockford Fosgate® packs even more energy, delivering even more volume to the city streets. Paired with the new premium interior light kit by XKGlow®, drivers are sure to be the center of attention as music blasts in sync with the dramatic light show.



Pricing (subject to change) and color availability for the 2021 model lineup are as follows:

  • S is available in White Lightning in both a manual ($19,999) and AutoDrive ($21,699)
  • S with Technology Package 1 is available in White Lightning in both a manual ($22,299) and AutoDrive ($23,999)
  • SL is available in Midnight Blue or Red Pearl in both a manual ($24,999) and AutoDrive ($26,699)
  • R is available in Stealth Blue and Sunrise Orange, in both manual ($31,299) and AutoDrive ($33,299)
  • R Limited Edition features an exclusive, custom-inspired Neon Fade paint, and is available in both a manual ($32,799) and AutoDrive ($34,799) transmission

Shipping to dealers now, consumers can learn more about the 2021 lineup at Polaris Slingshot Website.

Follow Slingshot on social media:, @Slingshot on Twitter and @PolarisSlingshot on Instagram. For information on Slingshot rental locations, visit


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