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Ultimate Guide to Slingshot Accessories

Looking to add some extra style, functionality, and fun to your Slingshot? Whether you're a weekend warrior or a daily driver, Slingshot accessories can help you make your ride a true reflection of you and your unique lifestyle. Let's explore some style, comfort, audio, and protection accessories—and learn how they can elevate the way you play.


One of the most popular Slingshot modifications is adding a top. These easy-to-install options provide shade, protection against the elements, and a touch of custom style to your ride. Whether you're after a sleek, aggressive look or something a bit more functional, there's a Slingshot top for you.


Keep the open road feel while adding undeniable style and shade from the sun. Slingshade features sleek, flowing lines and the same automotive-grade finishes as your Slingshot—perfectly color-matched to your ride.

Excursion Top

Take your riding comfort up a notch with the addition of an Excursion Top. This stylish soft top provides plenty of headroom, excellent visibility, and cool shade when sunny days inspire long drives.

Storage Bags

Adding storage bags to your Slingshot is a great way to keep your belongings organized and secure—and your interior free of clutter. With a range of sizes and styles available, these bags are the water-resistant, convenient solution to your Slingshot storage needs.

Roll Hoop Storage Bags

When you’re on the move and making memories, you need an easy-access storage solution for key items. Keep your essentials close with this thoughtfully designed storage set that integrates seamlessly with the lines of your ride.

Side Storage Bags

Keep small items secure and easily accessible on both sides of your cabin with quick-installing interior storage. These sleek, branded bags can be quickly removed for easy exits at ride’s end—the perfect companions for quick cruises and day trips.

Overnight Driver Bag

Add ample, streamlined storage with a precise fit behind your seat. This spacious bag conveniently holds gear for overnight or weekend trips, while the sturdy top grab handle makes carrying a breeze. Pair it with the Overnight Passenger Bag to gear up for the perfect couples’ getaway.

Audio Accessories

With Rockford Fosgate® audio accessories, it’s easy to upgrade your audio system output—and your ride’s unique style. These additional speakers install neatly for a premium fit and finish, delivering powerful, high-quality sonic output from the global leader in audio innovation. Available options include front speakers and roll hoop speaker pods.

Stage 2 Audio Kit

Bring the noise every time you get behind the wheel with additional front audio speaker pods and tweeters.

Stage 3 Roll Hoop Audio Kit

Immerse yourself even more with these colorful speaker pods that fit neatly in
the roll hoops behind your headrests. Customize your look by color-matching or contrasting with your Slingshot’s color scheme.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Upgrading your floor mats to an all-weather style does more than just keep your Slingshot’s footwell clean and dry; it’s a great way to give your interior a fresh, new look. These mats are engineered to do the dirty work—trapping water, mud, and other debris in deep, rugged channels. They’re also designed for easy, toolless removal after the initial install making cleanup a breeze.

Carbon Fiber Interior Accent

Looking to give your interior a race-inspired feel? Consider updating your center console with a carbon fiber accent. It’s durable, easily installed, and can be coordinated with other carbon fiber-style components and accessories to elevate your custom style.

Slingshot Covers

Protect your vehicle and provide peace of mind wherever your ride takes you with perfectly fitted Slingshot covers. In the garage, your Slingshot stays protected from dust and any minor bumps—and if you need to trailer it to another spot, it stays safe from sun and the elements.

Interior Light KiTS

Show your true colors by installing an LED interior light kit on your Slingshot—it’s the perfect way to curate a unique visual experience inside your cabin and show the world how you roll. With color-changing, music-syncing options available, you can create one-of-a-kind vibes for every three-wheeled adventure.

XKGlow® Lights

This premium interior LED lighting kit goes far beyond adding a little ambiance. Boasting the full spectrum of RGB light, it allows for precise color customization, music synchronization, pre-set color change patterns, and strobe effects—all conveniently controlled by an app on your phone. It’s the perfect upgrade for those who want to crank up the dial on their custom cabin style.

Wind Deflectors

Level up your comfort, safety, and style by adding a wind deflector to your Slingshot. These durable polycarbonate wind deflectors reduce cockpit wind noise and buffeting—allowing for longer rides and more memories. With tinted, vented, and tall options available, there’s a wind deflector for every aesthetic.

Ventilated Wind Deflectors

This adaptable wind deflector features adjustable vents on either side, giving you complete control over airflow entering the cockpit. The innovative, winged design channels wind away from the rider and passenger, providing a more comfortable on-road experience and enhanced style.

Rear Fender Customizations

Rear fender customizations can add protection and a premium appearance to the back end of your Slingshot. The addition of a rear fender gives your ride a finished look with color-coordinated, custom style, in addition to extra protection against road debris.

Add even more swagger with color-matched—or contrasted—rear fender decals. These durable, precision-cut accents feature UV-and fade-resistant ink for a brilliant, long-riding pop of color.

Wheel Kit

Accentuate the sculpted lines of your Slingshot and take your custom style to the next level with an upgraded wheel kit. These fully forged, satin black aluminum wheels are equal parts refined and aggressive—while the increased size of the rear wheel and tire provides a beefier look to your ride’s back end.

Color-Matched Accessories

Whether you’re after a balanced, cohesive look or something a bit more outside the lines, there’s a color-matched accessory for you. From fenders to grilles and everything in between, these components are available in a wide range of sizzling Slingshot colors—unlocking countless combinations and limitless possibilities.

Slingshot Accessory Series

Need some more modification inspiration? Check out the Slingshot Accessory Series—an accessory roadmap of four complete builds with each series featuring a distinct, rider-driven focus. Whether you choose Escape, Drive, Show, or Design, you're sure to find a Slingshot series that's perfectly suited to inspire your vision.

Elevate the way you play

Adding accessories and upgrading your current components can take your ride to the next level. With countless combinations and limitless possibilities at your fingertips, personalizing your Slingshot to your unique style is an adventure of its own.