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Slingshot Performance

Polaris Slingshot Raises the Performance Bar

Calling the 2020 Polaris Slingshot the most fun on 3 wheels is not an overstatement. The 3-wheeled roadster offers a completely unique driving experience with an open-air cockpit sitting 5 inches from the ground.


Paired with its eye-catching style is its impressive, and often surprising, performance. All packing a powerful punch, the models in the 2020 Slingshot lineup vary slightly with the main differentiator being the horsepower of each vehicle and transmission options.



2020 brought two new 3-wheeled vehicle models, the R and SL. The R model is offered with either a sporty 5 speed manual transmission or an intuitive AutoDrive transmission, with no clutching or manual shifting necessary. It has additional features like a wider rear 305mm tire, improved breaks, sport interior package, as well as a distinctive two-tone paint scheme. Learn more about the R (link out). The all-new 2020 SL, offered in 2 new colors, also with enhanced trim. Along with a suite of new 2020 features, the SL comes standard with the new AutoDrive transmission. Learn more about the SL (link out).



Driving a Slingshot is truly indescribable.  With a truly open cockpit, drivers experience the rush of the open road.  One of a kind style and 3-wheeled design has you standing out in a crowd. The new Polaris Prostar 2.0L 4 Cylinder engine pairs power with fun to give Slingshot even more personality than ever before.


Often left out of the equation, however, is whether the vehicle is driven on a completely flat, straight road vs a twisting sloping road. The Slingshot's new suspension and steering system shines through in this regard. Its re-engineered suspension and all new steering system provides a smooth handling and control even on the most challenging of roads.



Double takes aren't the only thing you get with a Slingshot. Both models have an impressive list of specifications that leave nothing to be desired.


How fast will a Slingshot go 0 – 60 MPH?

  • SL: N/A
  • R: 4.9 Seconds


What is the peak horsepower of a Slingshot?

  • SL: 178 horsepower at 8,500 RPM
  • R: 203 horsepower at 8,250 RPM


What is the peak torque of a Slingshot?

  • SL: 120 ft lbs @ 5,500 RPM
  • R: 144 ft-lbs at 6,500 RPM


What is the power to weight ratio of a Slingshot?

  • SL: 9.3 lb/horsepower
  • R: 8.1 lb/horsepower


 What is the top speed of a Slingshot? 

  • SL: Limited to 125 MPH
  • R: Limited to 125 MPH


How much cornering grip does a Slingshot have?

  • SL: 1.02 g
  • R: 1.02 g


*Certain 2020 Slingshots are powered by AutoDrive, a proprietary automated manual transmission. 2020 Slingshots do not have fully automatic transmissions.


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