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RIDE COMMAND+ for Slingshot

RIDE COMMAND+, formerly known as Connected Services, is available on model year 2020 and newer Slingshot vehicles with a cell modem/connectivity and a 2020+ 7" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND.

RIDE COMMAND+ is a subscription-based service. Upon purchase of a new vehicle, your vehicle includes complimentary one-year access to RIDE COMMAND+. At the end of the complimentary period, RIDE COMMAND+ must be renewed on a yearly basis.

RIDE COMMAND+ Features Include:

  • Weather/Traffic Overlay: Takes the navigation experience to the next level with live traffic and weather data right on the navigation screen.

  • Intuitive Destination Search: Improves the ability to search for destinations by providing more points of interest near the rider and gives address recommendations without the need to type the full address in the search box.

  • Over-the-Air Updates: Allows riders to receive new software notices on the display and update with the simple touch of the screen.

  • Vehicle Locator: The vehicle locator feature provides riders with an added sense of security by being able to see the location of your vehicle the last time it was turned on right from the Slingshot App or website.

  • Vehicle Health: Allows rider to view key vehicle health information from the Slingshot App or website like odometer, fuel level, fuel range and tire pressure.

  • Planned Ride Transfer from App/Web to Vehicle: Transfer planned rides and waypoints from the Slingshot App or website to the vehicle seamlessly without the use of USB.

What vehicles come factory-equipped with RIDE COMMAND+? 
Model year 2020 and newer Slingshot R, Signature LE and Roush® Edition models come with a complimentary year of RIDE COMMAND+. After the free trial year, a RIDE COMMAND+ subscription must be purchased for renewal. 

How do I sync my RIDE COMMAND account to my vehicle?
To experience all of the RIDE COMMAND+ features, add your vehicle to your Garage and then log in to your RIDE COMMAND account on your vehicle’s display by following the steps below. 

1. Turn on the display powered by RIDE COMMAND.

2. Open the badge panel by tapping on the Slingshot logo at the top of the screen and select ALL SETTINGS.

3. From the GENERAL tab, select RIDE COMMAND ACCOUNT.

4. Select ACCOUNT ID and enter the email used for your RIDE COMMAND account. 

For help, read How to Add a Vehicle to Your Garage.

How can I tell if my vehicle has RIDE COMMAND+? 
1. Log in to your RIDE COMMAND account. 

2. From the Home page, select MAP & SOFTWARE UPDATES. Or from the Garage page, select MAPS & SOFTWARE UPDATES. 

3. Select the 2020+ display option. Note: RIDE COMMAND+ is not available on model year 2019 and older vehicles.

4. Select the RENEW SUBSCRIPTION tab. This will take you to a screen, shown below, where you can: 

a) Renew or start your RIDE COMMAND+ subscription

b) Check the status of your subscription

Your subscription expiration date will show at the bottom of the screen. 

subscription status page

How do I renew my RIDE COMMAND+ subscription? 
Purchase the RIDE COMMAND+ subscription renewal, part number 2830620. Read Renewing a RIDE COMMAND+ Subscription for more information. 

How do I purchase RIDE COMMAND+ if my vehicle is not equipped with connectivity? 
Purchase the RIDE COMMAND Navigation and Apple CarPlay® bundle, part number 2884848 if based in the U.S. and part number 2884849 if based in Canada. 

How do I download the latest RIDE COMMAND software? 
For vehicles with connectivity, accept the software install requests when the vehicle display prompts you to do so. 

For vehicles that are not connected, read Updating Slingshot Software and Maps on the 2020+ 7" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND.

For more information, visit the Slingshot RIDE COMMAND website
Read Overview of the 2020+ 7" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND for more information about your display.
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