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Renewing a RIDE COMMAND+ Subscription

RIDE COMMAND+, formerly known as Connected Services, is available on model year 2020 and newer Slingshot vehicles with a cellular modem and 7" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND. RIDE COMMAND+ upgrades your vehicle’s capabilities by adding live traffic and weather updates, improved destination search, app-based vehicle status information and Apple CarPlay®.

Upon purchase, your vehicle includes complimentary one- or two-year access to RIDE COMMAND+, depending on the platform. At the end of the complimentary period, it must be renewed on a yearly basis. The renewal can be purchased through the Slingshot website and is part number 2830620. Each renewal adds one year of service. 

If you're not sure if your vehicle came equipped with RIDE COMMAND+, sign in to your account on the Slingshot RIDE COMMAND website, navigate to Map & Software Updates, select the 2020+ 7" DISPLAY and then RENEW SUBSCRIPTION. This page will display your subscription status and expiration date, if equipped. 

If your vehicle is not equipped with the RIDE COMMAND+ cellular modem, work with your Slingshot Dealer to purchase and install part number 2884848. You vehicle must be model year 2020 or newer and have the 7" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND to be eligible to upgrade to RIDE COMMAND+.

Renewing Your Subscription
To renew RIDE COMMAND+ on your vehicle, follow these steps: 

1.  Go to the RIDE COMMAND site and verify the connectivity status of your vehicle.

a. Select the version of the touchscreen that your vehicle is equipped with.


c. Sign in to your RIDE COMMAND account.

d. Add your vehicle by VIN, if it is not already in your account.

e. Once your vehicle is added, you’ll see vehicles equipped with a cell modem at the top of the vehicle status list, along with their expiration date.

f. Tap RENEW next to the vehicle you would like to renew the subscription for.

2. Purchase the RIDE COMAMND+ renewal, part number 2830620.

3. You will receive a renewal code in your email with further instructions about next steps.

4. Once you receive your code, enter it for the vehicle you want to renew. Select RENEW on the RIDE COMMAND list.

5. The page will provide feedback if the code was redeemed successfully or if there is an error. 

6. Once renewal is complete, the new expiration date will show on the website.  

Note: If the modem was expired, it may take up to 10 minutes for the modem to re-activate once the vehicle is turned on again.

For more information, visit the Slingshot RIDE COMMAND website or read RIDE COMMAND+ for Slingshot
Read RIDE COMMAND Overview for Model Year 2020 and Newer Slingshot for more information about your display.
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