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Updating Maps and Software for Model Year 2020 and Newer Slingshot Ride Command

Updating Slingshot Maps
Have your Slingshot hooked up to a trickle charger before starting the maps update. Also disable Automatic Display Power Down. To do this, go to SETTINGS > VEHICLE > AUTOMATIC DISPLAY POWER DOWN.

1. Copy the map package from the Slingshot RIDE COMMAND website onto a USB flash drive. The USB must be 32 GB or larger and formatted to exFAT®. 

2. Plug the flash drive into the USB port on the Slingshot. On most model year 2020 and newer models, the USB port is below the RIDE COMMAND Touchscreen. On other models, it is in the glove box.

U S B port locations
3. Press the Slingshot logo at the top of the screen and then press SETTINGS.

Slingshot menu

4. Press GENERAL from the tabs on the left.

general settings

5. Scroll down to UPDATE MAPS.

update maps

6. Tap on the map file that you'd like to update the display with. Wait for the update.

7. After the map has been updated, the display will reboot and show the maps on the navigation screen. Make sure that the USB is not ejected before the map update has been completed and that the unit has rebooted on its own.

If for some reason the map update was not successful or completed, and the maps are displayed as blank, try updating the map package again.

Updating Slingshot Software
On your computer:

1. Go to Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on UPDATE VEHICLE SOFTWARE.

Update link

2. Use the links on the left-hand side of the page to navigate to software updates. Download the most recent update. A wired internet connection is recommended, if available.

3. Save the update file to a removable USB drive 32 GB or larger. FAT32 format is supported.

On your Slingshot:
1. Plug the USB drive into your vehicle's USB port and turn on the display.

2. Press the Slingshot logo at the top of the screen and then press SETTINGS.

Logo button

3. Press GENERAL from the tabs on the left.

general settings

4. Scroll down to UPDATE SOFTWARE.

update software

5. Select the file you want to install. "Newest" will be automatically displayed next to the newest version detected on the USB drive.

6. The display will reboot and install the software.

Before updating your RIDE COMMAND Touchscreen, we recommend syncing your rides and places. To do this, either log in to your RIDE COMMAND account on your RIDE COMMAND display or pair your display with the RIDE COMMAND app. If you are unable to sync with RIDE COMMAND, we recommend saving your rides and places to a USB drive.

More information can be found on the Slingshot Ride Command page

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