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Slingshot AutoDrive & Manual Transmission

Available in an engaging five-speed manual or an intuitive AutoDrive five-speed automated manual transmission, Slingshot puts the power in the hands of the driver to choose their ultimate ride. Both transmission options are powered by the ProStar 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, pushing out 178 or 203 horsepower. Check out the below to learn more about the two transmission options.

AutoDrive Transmission

Shift attention instead of shifting gears. With no clutch pedal or manual shifting necessary, the driver's focus is on the brake pedal, gas pedal, steering wheel, and the thrill of the open road ahead. Introduced in 2020, Slingshot's AutoDrive transmission does the shifting for the driver. AutoDrive is operated just as any other vehicle with a standard automatic transmission, though the experience feels unique. Unlike the automatic transmission in automotive vehicles, occupants will still feel and hear the vehicle shifting through the gears adding to the driving experience by putting the drive back into the driver's hands. The hydraulically actuated automated manual five-speed synchromesh transmission pairs its actuation, shift timing, and rev matching with technology that adjusts to your driving style. AutoDrive makes it possible for all drivers to experience the totally unique sensation that comes from being behind the wheel of a Slingshot.

Paddle Shifters

Nothing connects the driver with their vehicle more than the ability to shift gears. In 2021, Slingshot made paddle shifters available to drivers with an AutoDrive transmission, giving them the option to take control of their drive and shift gears on demand. Enjoy the feel of high-performance automotive controls with integrated steering wheel controls, providing fingertip control of the shift points. These come standard on all R AutoDrive models and are available as an upgrade for all other AutoDrive models (2020 models and up). Pair the ease of AutoDrive with the option to take control of shifting for a driving experience that offers the best of both worlds.

Manual Transmission

Since it's inception, Slingshot has offered drivers the engaged experience of a manual transmission. The sporty five-speed manual option packs the perfect power and punch for those who love the thrill of the gearbox. When it comes to driving a Slingshot, nothing beats running through the gears on a great stretch of road.

Still Deciding On A Transmission Option?

With Manual and AutoDrive options, Slingshot appears to a wide array of riders, from those looking for the familiarity of an automatic transimtion to those seeking the connected driving experience of a manual transmission. Interested in experiencing a Slingshot for yourself? Head to your dealer to take a Slingshot for a test ride.