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Gauge Overview for Model Year 2019 and Older Slingshot

The instrument cluster on your model year 2019 and older Slingshot includes indicator lamps (1), a speedometer (2), a multi-function display (3) and a tachometer (4).

Instrument cluster

The speedometer displays the vehicle’s speed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. See the Display Units section below for instructions on how to choose which unit of measurement is shown.

The tachometer displays engine speed in revolutions per minute (RPM). A red line on the face of the gauge indicates the maximum safe engine speed. Excessive engine speed can cause engine damage or failure, which could result in serious injury or death. Do not allow engine speed to exceed the red line.

Indicator Lamps

Cruise control engaged iconCruise Control EngagedBefore using the cruise control, read the safety and operation procedures found in your Owner's Manual.
A B S iconAnti-Lock Brake SystemYour Slingshot Dealer can assist if this lamp remains on. When the lamp is illuminated, the anti-lock brakes will not activate, but the conventional brake system will continue to operate normally.
High beam iconHigh BeamThis lamp illuminates when the headlamp switch is set to high beam.
Turn signal iconTurn Signal/Hazard SignalsThe left turn signal is on the speedometer. The right turn signal is on the tachometer. Both arrows flash when either a turn signal or the hazard signal is activated. If a lamp fails or if there is a short circuit in the signal system, the lamp flashes at more than twice the normal rate.
Low fuel iconLow FuelThis lamp illuminates when approximately 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of fuel remains in the fuel tank.
Hot engine iconHot EngineThis lamp illuminates to indicate an overheated engine. If the indicator flashes, the overheating condition remains, and the system automatically will reduce engine power.
Check engine iconCheck EngineIf this lamp illuminates while the engine is running, promptly contact an authorized Slingshot Dealer. If abnormal engine operation is detected, the light will remain on as long as the fault condition exists. Retrieve the error codes for diagnosis. See the error code section below for more on that process. This lamp also is known as a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL).
Low battery voltage iconLow Battery VoltageThis lamp illuminates when battery voltage is low (or when voltage is above the normal range). Turn non-essential accessories off to conserve power. Make sure the charging system is operating properly.
Traction control iconTraction ControlThis lamp illuminates if the user disables traction control with the EPS Switch. More information on the EPS Switch can be found in your Owner's Manual.
E S P disabled iconESP DisabledThis lamp illuminates if the user disables the Electronic Stability Program with the ESP Switch. Always enable the ESP for normal operation. See your Owner's Manual for more.
E S P intervention iconESP InterventionThe ESP Intervention lamp flashes when the ESP is actively assisting. The lamp illuminates solid to indicate a system failure. If the lamp illuminates solid, your Slingshot Dealer can inspect the vehicle and perform service.
Brake failure iconBrake FailureThis lamp illuminates if a brake component is not operating properly. Do not operate the vehicle. Inspect brake fluid levels. Your Slingshot Dealer can inspect the vehicle and perform service.
Seat belt iconSeat BeltThe seat belt lamp illuminates whenever the key is in the ON position and the driver's seat belt is not fastened.
E P A S warning iconEPAS WarningThis lamp illuminates briefly when the key is turned to the ON position. If the ignition is left on for 5 minutes without starting the engine, the lamp illuminates to indicate that the EPAS has shut down to conserve battery power. If the lamp illuminates after starting the engine, the power steering system is inoperative. Your Slingshot Dealer can inspect the vehicle and perform service if the lamp illuminates after starting the engine.
Park brake engaged iconPark Brake EngagedThis lamp illuminates when the park brake is engaged. If it illuminates when the park brake is NOT engaged, your Slingshot Dealer can inspect the vehicle and perform service.
Low oil pressure iconLow Oil PressureThis lamp illuminates if engine oil pressure drops below safe operating pressure. If this lamp illuminates while the engine is running, turn the engine off as soon as safely possible and check the oil level. If the oil level is correct and the lamp remains on after the engine is restarted, turn the engine off immediately.
Chassis warning iconChassis WarningThe chassis warning lamp is meant for other Polaris vehicles and will not illuminate on a Slingshot.

Multi-Function Display
Warning: Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and serious injury or death. Use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road.

Use the MODE button to toggle through the modes of the multi-function display. Press and hold the MODE button to reset the trip odometers and average fuel economy.

For a model year 2018-19 Slingshot, the MODE button is located on the dashboard near the instrument cluster, as shown below.

Mode button

The MODE button (6) for a 2015-17 Slingshot is located on the center console, as shown below.

Mode button

The modes available in the multi-function display are the Fuel Level Gauge, Trip Odometer 1, Trip Odometer 2, Ambient Air Temperature, Fuel Range, Average Fuel Economy and Clock.


The segments on the Fuel Gauge Display (1) show the level of fuel in the fuel tank. When the last segment clears, a low fuel warning is activated. All segments, including the fuel icon, will flash. Refuel immediately.

If the fuel icon fails to display, an open or short circuit has occurred in the fuel sensor circuit. Your Slingshot Dealer can inspect the vehicle and perform service.

The Information Display (2) displays the odometer, trip meters, air temperature and fuel economy.

The Clock Display (3) displays time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. Instructions for setting the clock can be found in Setting the Clock on Your Slingshot

Display Units
The display can be changed to show either standard or metric units of measurement.

 Standard DisplayMetric Display
FuelU.S. GallonsI = Imperial Gallons
Liter = Liters
Time12-Hour Clock24-Hour Clock

To change a unit of measurement:

1. Turn the key to the OFF position.

2. Press and hold the MODE button while turning the key to the ON or ACC position.

3. When the display flashes the distance setting, tap the MODE button to advance to the desired setting.

4. Press and hold the MODE button to save the setting and advance to the next display option.

5. Repeat the procedure to change the remaining display settings.

To exit the set-up mode at any time, wait 10 seconds. The display automatically exits and returns to the odometer display.

Clock Mode
The clock must be reset any time the battery has been disconnected or discharged. Instructions for setting the clock can be found in Setting the Clock on Your Slingshot.

Odometer/Trip Meter Mode
The odometer displays the total distance traveled by the vehicle. Each trip odometer displays the distance traveled since the trip odometer was reset. To view the trip odometer, turn the key to the ON position. Use the MODE button to toggle to the trip odometer.

To reset the trip odometer, toggle to the trip odometer and then press and hold the MODE button until the trip odometer resets.

Engine Error Codes
The error screen displays only when the CHECK ENGINE light is on or when it goes on and off during one ignition cycle. Error codes are not stored. When the key is turned OFF, the code and message are lost but will reappear if the fault reoccurs after restarting the engine.

If the CHECK ENGINE indicator light illuminates, retrieve the error codes from the display.

1. If the error codes are not displayed, use the MODE button to toggle until “Ck ENG” displays on the main line of the display.

2. Press and hold the MODE button to enter the diagnostics code menu.

3. Record the numbers displayed in the gear position (if any), clock and odometer displays.

4. Press the MODE button to advance to the next error code.

5. Press and hold the MODE button to exit the diagnostics code menu.

6. See your authorized Slingshot Dealer for code details and diagnosis.

Error codes diagram

For more information, see your authorized Slingshot Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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