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Gauge, Speedometer and Tachometer Best Practices

Through various testing, customer use-case analysis and industry studies, we have identified an opportunity to improve the longevity of the clear lens on your speedometer and/or instrument cluster and prevent crazing-type damage (cracks, spider web cracks, etc.). 

Polaris recommends you use only warm, soapy water and a clean cloth rag to clean the speedometer and/or instrument cluster. Certain chemicals can cause the acrylic lens to weaken, leading to cracking and crazing on the profile of the lens, edges and corners.  

Avoid using these common chemicals that are known to cause crazing-type damage:   

  • Alcohol such as isopropyl, ethyl, etc.  
  • Cleaners containing alcohol 
    • Including glass cleaners, electronic cleaners, disinfectants, all-purpose or multi-surface cleaners, etc. 
  • Simple Green® 
  • Gasoline  
  • Tire Foam® 
  • Common degreasers 
  • Insect repellant  

C4 cluster

For more information, see your Polaris Dealer

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