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Slingshot Superheroes: Local Hero From Dry Ridge, Kentucky -- Wanda Hammons


Wanda Hammons is an EMT for American Medical Response. And, she is a real-life superhero, having left her quaint little town of Dry Ridge, Kentucky to go where she was needed most...New York City. While there, she joined the front lines to serve those in need in the hardest-hit place in the country. 


Wanda was in New York City for 35 days, from March, to the beginning of May. Upon her arrival in NYC, she was assigned to three different partners and, with each, constantly being confronted with the fears of whether her patients would survive. Yet, through these trials and tribulations, and never-ending challenges far greater than her small town in Northern Kentucky, Wanda remained strong and positive day-in and day-out.


Yet, the days away from home took a mental and physical toll on Wanda, who recently posted that she had “never used the EMS stair chair more in her entire career.” Because, she says, the majority of buildings she had been working in had no elevators. But, she continued to keep her head high with hopes that better days will come and the curve will soon flatten.


The NYC culture and way of life have provided her with a new perspective on life outside of her small town of Dry Ridge. And, we want to honor her for her unmatched spirit to help others…nearly 700 miles away.


As she returned home this month, and on behalf of everyone at Polaris Slingshot, we are proud to call her our second winner of the Superhero Ride Campaign.