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Best Slingshot Rides on the West Coast


Three wheels, an open air cockpit, and miles upon miles of things to see and places to be seen. This is the West Coast in a Slingshot. Home to sunshine, blue skies, twisting pavement, spectacular elevation changes, and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Throw in endless roadside eateries, beach towns, and historic attractions and you've found the closest thing to nirvana for a Slingshot owner. 


We'll take you from California, up through Oregon, and on into Washington state—covering the most popular highways and byways where your Slingshot will turn plenty of heads and invite all kinds of envious stares.

California Slingshot Rides


California state’s long, narrow body, sandwiched between towering mountain peaks and pristine blue ocean, creates an amazing diversity of climate and ecology just waiting to be explored. If you’re up for it, you’ll find your two-seat Slingshot is one of the best vantage points to take it all in while sharing the experience with someone right next to you. Here are three of the most popular routes, including the famous Pacific Coast Highway.  

Pro Tip

These California roads offer plenty of places to stop and show off your ride. Use an app such as RIDE COMMAND to find places to eat, gas up, or have a spontaneous meet up.

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numer 1

Pacific Coast Highway

Consider taking this California-coast trip from north to south, and your Slingshot will always be oceanside. Historic Route 1 runs most of the length of the state, topping out at over 650 miles. There is not a longer route in California, and the Pacific Coast Highway features attractions such as Hearst Castle, the Santa Monica Pier, Pismo Beach, and Carmel County’s famous 17-mile drive—which you'd think was created with the Slingshot in mind. Plan your trip over several days with plenty of stops along the way and get ready to greet a few friendly admirers.

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Angeles Crest Highway

Three wheels is the best way to tour the San Gabriel Mountains, featuring steep mountainous terrain created by rapid tectonic uplift. Located in Los Angeles County, this area offers must-see attractions such as the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, the Angeles National Forest, Strawberry Peak, Dawson Saddle, Big Tujunga Creek, and more. The Angeles Crest Highway’s proximity to LA makes this a great excursion for Slingshot owners looking to escape the city’s faster pace for a day or two.  

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Redwood Highway 

Considered to be one of California’s most scenic drives, the Redwood Highway’s 175 miles meanders from grove to grove of these massive giants that naturally grow in clusters. The area is home to abundant wildlife including majestic elk, a canyon of ferns, and so much more. Be sure to take a pass through the Chandelier Tree—a towering tunneled-out redwood you can drive your Slingshot through.  

Oregon Slingshot Rides


Drive your Slingshot farther north into Oregon, and you’ll discover a few differences from the Golden State. For starters, Oregon only has about 70 days of sunshine, while California averages about 205. You’ll also notice changes in ecology, terrain, and maybe even sense a more laid-back vibe should you choose any of these three popular routes through the Beaver State. 

Pro Tip

Be prepared for changing conditions, even in the summer months. Oregon's weather can be unpredictable. Consider adding a Slingshade or Excursion Top to your Slingshot and be sure to dress in layers.

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Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

Up for some unobstructed lake and mountain views? Then this is your route. Located in central Oregon, the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway takes you on a 66-mile journey through a ruggedly beautiful portion of Oregon on the eastern side of the Cascades. Bring your lunch and camera phone, and picnic beside Lava Lake under the shadow of Mt. Bachelor before heading south to check out the massive rainbow trout in the Crane Prairie Reservoir.  

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Three Capes Scenic Loop 

Heading back to the coast, there’s another idyllic drive that heads from Tillamook to Pacific City. You’ll be treated to mile after mile of stunning views on a twisting road hugging Oregon’s rugged coastline. As the name implies, you’ll definitely want to check out the three capes, including Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda as you drive in and out of beach towns, dairy country, and second-growth forest.   

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Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

Journey back to a quieter time on this 218-mile loop around the Wallowa Mountains in northeast Oregon, where the Snake River begins its descent into Idaho and the massive canyon it’s formed. Nicknamed the All-American Road, Hells Canyon Scenic Byway journeys from lush valleys to scenic mountain tops, where you can take in views of majestic basalt cliffs, open grassy spaces, and catch a whiff of fresh pines. If you’re lucky, you might even run across a cattle drive.  

Washington Slingshot Rides


There is no shortage of places to ride and things to see in Washington state. This picturesque area is home to an incredible array of vistas, villages, volcanic peaks, and plenty of places for Slingshot owners to stop, shop, eat, and flash their customized cruiser. The Northern Cascades Highway is one of those must-see experiences. We’ve also listed a few other favorites that highlight this state’s scenic beauty and twisting roadways.

Pro Tip

Winthrop, located on the Northern Cascades Scenic Route, welcomes two- and three-wheeled riders to stop and enjoy this Old West town with many amenities and lodging options. 

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Northern Cascades Scenic Highway 

If your favorite drives involve rapid changes in landscape, elevation, and scenery, then you’ll love this Slingshot road trip. The 140-mile byway starts in Methow Valley, offering a vibe straight out of the Old West. Drivers will continue up into the North Cascades National Park and be treated to views of rugged mountain peaks, soaring rocky spires, and majestic waterfalls before cruising back down into the verdant green Skagit Valley.  

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Olympic Peninsula Loop

Day-trippers should plan for a 10-hour trip from Seattle (longer with stops) full of some of the most impressive mountain, lakeshore, and Pacific Coast views you’ve ever seen. The Olympic Peninsula is a large arm of land resting on the other side of the Puget Sound from Seattle. It’s home to Olympic National Park, and the loop treats visitors to lavender farms, gargantuan trees, roaring waterfalls, and quaint Victorian towns. Stow a couple overnight bags behind your seats and plan to make a weekend of it.

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The Palouse Scenic Byway

Point your Slingshot inland and enter a world of alpine forests, lakes, and waterfalls around a farming community harvesting flowing seas of wheat. This unforgettable byway brings riders through Palouse Falls State Park to the Steptoe Battlefield and the historic Barron Flour Mill. You won’t want to miss the views from Steptoe Butte. Also consider stops at the Roy Chatters Newspaper Museum and the town of Pullman—home to Washington State University.  

Best Time To Tour The West Coast In A Slingshot


The West Coast plays host to a dramatic diversity of climates, including rainy seasons, snow, and gusty winds. But generally speaking, driving between spring and fall will offer the best conditions across the board. Drives through higher elevations can be impacted by cold, ice, and snow in early spring and late fall, so check local conditions, road closures, and consider adding a couple of heated seats for added comfort. Of course, the farther south you head the longer you can tour in your open-air Slingshot—making Southern California road trips a year-round experience.


Always check the weather conditions along the length of your road trips before you head out, and use a weather and traffic app to help keep you up to date on rapidly changing conditions.

Plan Your Trip and Plan to Turn Heads


The Slingshot is the ultimate vehicle for self-expression, and the West Coast is the perfect place to make a few waves and create a little buzz along the way. Pick out a route and plan for a few pit stops to connect with the world and maybe a few locals. After all, these routes are not a race to the finish, but hundreds of opportunities to live life out loud. We hope to see you out there.

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