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Local Hero from Houston, Texas – About David Gordon


David Gordon embodies what it means to be a Superhero. A Veteran who proudly served in the military for 22 ½ years, David is now in his 28th year, and counting, serving in law enforcement, currently a Sheriff’s Deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, Texas. His current assignment puts him in the midst of a high-risk environment for COVID-19 at the Harris County Jail.

Over the past month, hundreds of inmates and staff members have tested positive for the virus at the jail. His assigned duties require him to be exposed to the virus every day by working in close proximity with the inmates and in other areas of known positive cases. In addition to his normal duties, Deputy Gordon is also the senior team leader for the Detention Command Containment Team, which is a specialized unit inside the jail that responds to riots, cell extractions, and high-profile inmates escorts.

David is not the type of man that will let anything hold him back or down. He is a Superhero – a loving brother, husband, father, grandfather-to-be, friend, and role model.

We are proud to announce him as our third Superhero Ride winner.