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Gives your ride integrated custom style, and provides you with cool shade when sunny days inspire long drives.

Integrated Style

Slingshot Engineered
  • Aesthetically superior
  • Designed and built with the vehicle for better fitment
  • Color-matched to look like an extension of the Slingshot® and not an “add-on"

Improved Comfort

  • Has maximized entry and exit
  • Designed to comfortably fit an adult up to 6’4”

Trusted Design

Best In Class
  • Frame is strong and lightweight due to RTM manufacturing process
  • 70% Polycarbonate tinted windows
  • Designed to prevent fading and provide better sun protection

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WARNING: Always secure latches during operation. Failure to secure latches may result in unintended opening or release causing injury to others or damage to Slingshade®. This top is not a safety device or roll cage. It is not intended to protect the occupants in the event of a rollover or other unforeseeable events. This top is not a roof and is not intended to haul cargo. NEVER attach, strap, or haul objects of any type or weight on this top. This top is not intended to contain or restrain the occupant or provide additional safety protection. ALWAYS wear a full face helmet, seatbelt and other safety equipment as outlined in your vehicle owner’s’ manual. Failure to follow these warnings could lead to serious injury or death. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
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