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Bow Wow Makes His Mark in a Slingshot


Shad Gregory Moss, commonly known as Bow Wow, is a rapper and actor who Snoop Dog discovered in the late 1990s. He's been part of the hip-hop industry for many years, where being authentic is what it's all about. "Most of your credibility comes from you being who you are." This mentality enabled Bow Wow to thrive as an artist. 


Bow Wow creates unique content, media, and music. "We're all artists—being an artist, we create what no one else is thinking about or doing." Because of this mindset, he fell in love with Slingshot. "This product is truly exceptional—unique. There is nothing that looks like it, and that's the whole point. Whether it be the "big fat boy" wheel in the back or "how the hood prowls over the front two tires," "Slingshot is exotic. It looks mean and aggressive. It's just beasty, man. It roars. Being original is everything."


As a part of the Fast and Furious Franchise, it's fitting that Bow Wow was drawn to the performance and style of a Slingshot. His authenticity comes through in his creative endeavors and when he gets behind the wheel of his 2022 Slingshot Signature LE. Bow Wow believes, "Be who you are. Be the first of something. And stamp it."  


Show the world who you are. Stand out and turn heads by being your authentic self in a 2022 Slingshot.