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Marlen Esparza Makes Her Mark in a Slingshot


Marlen Esparza is a history-making female boxer, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, World Champion, and current professional boxer. She's held the WBC female flyweight title since June 2021 and the WBA and The Ring female flyweight title since April 2022. “Growing up with a father obsessed with boxing—I knew it was 100 percent what I wanted to do. I didn't see gender. All I saw was this was something beautiful." As an amateur, she became the first American woman to qualify for the Olympics in the first year that women's boxing was an Olympic event.


As a boxer and a mother of a 3-year-old, "What excites me is I'm doing what I love to empower women and show that things are possible. "Female power to me means to embrace being a female." We're physically strong. We can bear children and are mentally strong. We really can do it all.


Everyone has that alter ego of like, hey, I finally get to be me. "When I got into my Slingshot for the first time, I was like, WOW." It feeds my alter ego. It turns everybody's eyes towards me. "It's different. It's unique. It's empowering. It's super cool."


Like my son, I love boxing, and I cherish it, and I will do anything for it. Empower yourself by getting behind the wheel of a 2022 Slingshot.